Engineered wood floors


Engineered wooden floor and its positive qualities.


Stability and Durability: The multi-layered construction of engineered wood flooring ensures greater stability than solid wood floors, especially with changing humidity. This means that with changing humidity, the dimensions of the engineered wood planks expand or contract less.

Versatility in Installation: Engineered wood flooring can be successfully installed either floating or glued onto various subfloors, including concrete, plywood, and even existing floors provided they are sufficiently flat and secured to the subfloor. Engineered wood is also suitable for installation over underfloor heating systems.

Authentic and Natural Material: The top layer of engineered wood is made of genuine hardwood, ensuring an appearance comparable to solid wood floors. Each plank has its unique texture and shade, making every floor unique.

Wide Range of Choices: Different wood species, dimensions, patterns, and finishes provide an opportunity to find the best solution for any interior.

Cost-Effective Solution: Natural wood flooring is often cheaper than solid hardwood flooring, while offering a comparable look.

Environmentally Friendly: The production of engineered wood uses significantly less slow-growing hardwood compared to solid wood flooring. The middle and bottom layers of engineered wood are made of fast-growing softwood or HDF, which is partially made from recycled wood.

Easy Maintenance: Wooden floors are easy to clean and don't require frequent maintenance.

Greater Stability: Thanks to its multi-layered structure, engineered wood floors are significantly more stable against warping and cracking.

Long Lifespan: Although the hardwood layer on top is thinner than on solid floors, engineered wood can last a lifetime with proper care. Depending on the thickness of the hardwood layer, multi-layered planks can be sanded and refinished multiple times. The shade of the floor can also be changed with each sanding.

Quick and Easy Installation: Engineered wood is supplied with click connections, making installation fast and straightforward. However, it can also be glued to the subfloor, offering certain benefits like not having to install expansion joints between rooms and reducing footstep noise.

Moisture Resistance: Engineered wood is more moisture-resistant than solid wood, making it a suitable choice for areas with slight moisture, such as kitchens or entrances.

Keep in mind, while engineered wood offers many advantages, it's essential to choose high-quality flooring and an underlay. The underlay is as crucial as the quality of the floor itself to achieve a technically sound result. Also, it's vital that a quality and standard compliant wood floor installation is performed to enjoy all the advantages of engineered wood.

Additional Recommendations:

When choosing engineered wood, consider products made with the latest technology that offers moisture-resistant HDF cores. Many of the drawbacks of multi-layered wood flooring are minimized in these products.

These floors utilize a special, durable, and stable HDF core construction. The HDF construction offers significant resistance to indentation, for instance, from the infamous stiletto heel marks.

In addition to better resistance against indentation, the HDF core floors have a significantly lower footfall noise. Thanks to the HDF core, the mass of the floor is almost 50% higher, ensuring quieter steps.

Floors with an HDF construction, thanks to their moisture-resistant HDF core and waxed clicks preventing moisture from seeping into the click connections or under the floor, are considerably more resistant to potential moisture damage.

There's also no typical creaking problem with HDF-constructed floors, which is common for most floating installations when the subfloor isn't flat enough.

HDF core flooring is an excellent solution for underfloor heating systems as the HDF core is denser than the usual softwood core of engineered wood, conducting heat better. There are no gaps between lamellas in the HDF core, ensuring more uniform heat distribution.

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