Parquet Meister Light grey oak lively, 1-strip, matt lacquered PD400

Product code: 5389 00 8548 

Parquet Meister Light grey oak lively, 1-strip, matt lacquered PD400

Surface finish: matt lacquered  

Measurements: 2200 x 180 mm

Thickness: 13 mm 

Package: 1.58 m²
Number of planks per package: 4

Click system: MasterclicPlus

Installation: floating or glued on the floor

2 sides bevelled

Compatible with floor heating (except infrared!). Parquet from MEISTER can be installed on underfloor heating without any problems as it transports the heat to the surface quickly without losing much energy. The reason is in contrast to standard spruce boards, in the high density HDF middle layer there are hardly any air pockets that might have a heat insulating effect. As a result, the heat from the underfloor heating gets to where it should, your room, unhindered. This not only guarantees a high level of living comfort but also optimised heating costs.


Not suitable for installation in humid rooms (bathrooms, saunas, etc.)

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