Benefits of natural linoleum:

Linoleum is a natural solution that is wear-resistant and long-lasting.

Thanks to the linseed oil and cork contained in the product, natural linoleum is inherently antibacterial and antiviral in nature, making it suitable as a flooring material for those with allergies and asthma.

Maintaining linoleum is very easy.

With linoleum, it's possible to combine shades and create various patterns.

Gerflor linoleum is made from 98% natural materials (bio-based and mineral) and 76% rapidly renewable materials, with up to 40% recycled content. Linoleum is produced from natural materials such as linseed oil, wood/cork, limestone, jute, and resin. Linoleum does not contain phthalates, plasticizers, or mineral oils.

Linoleum is a long-lasting, 100% recyclable product that biodegrades in nature at the end of its life cycle. Linoleum is a CO2-neutral product and the most sustainable elastic floor covering.

Gerflor linoleum is certified with many eco-labels, including Blue Angel, M1, Floorscore, and Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver.

Gerflor's Neocare™ matte linoleum finish is best in its class for micro-scratch and stain resistance, easy maintenance, and does not contain volatile harmful compounds.

Gerflor's AcousticPlus 4mm thick linoleum collection offers 19dB noise reduction, which has the best noise reduction index among available market solutions, and is ideal for its softness in living spaces, such as children's rooms, etc.


Installation is complicated as it requires an exceptionally smooth, fine-leveled subfloor. Otherwise, cracks/imperfections in the subfloor will be visible on the installed covering.

Additional useful information:

So far, mainly used in public spaces because of its rather minimalist design, but the AcousticPlus 4mm thick solution is one of the best solutions for use in living spaces as well.

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