Strip parquet / herringbone parquet oak rustic unfinished

36.27 /pkg

47.5€ 35.98€ /m2


Strip parquet / herringbone parquet oak rustic unfinished.

Product code: KALTARU16X300

Dimensions: 16x70x300mm

Packet: 1,008m2

Finish: Unfinished

Installation: gluing to the subfloor


The strip parquet is manufactured entirely of oak and can be installed in different patterns, such as a herringbone pattern, a square pattern, and an English pattern. The parquet can be sanded up to 10 times, depending on its thickness. The product is suitable for installation on plywood/OSB or concrete using the gluing method.The product is suitable for use in most types of floor heating (in the case of infrared heating, check with the supplier of the heating solution).

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