SPC floor Traffic Triton with integrated underlay

66.97 /pkg

42.5€ 29.99€ /m2

SPC floor Traffic Triton with integrated underlay

Package content: 2.233 m²

Plank format 6.5 x 183 x 1220mm

Wear layer 0.55mm

Edges are micro beveled.

Usage class 33/42

Weight approx. 8.8 kg/sqm

Noise reduction: 18dB

Dimensional stability – 0.00% across + 0.03% along

Slip resistance level – R10

Chair castor suitability – W according to EN 425 suitable

Reaction to fire – EN 13501 Bfl-S1

Suitable for underfloor heating (hot water)

Thermal resistance – EN 12667 0.033 0.067 (m²K)/W

Residual indentation – EN 433 0.01mm

Plasticizer DOTP

Warranty 25 years (private) 15 years (commercial)

The SPC flooring Traffic Click is luxury vinyl plank or tile flooring with a stone-plastic composite core which is more stable than usual LVT parquet. With the patented Unilin Click system and the 1,5mm thick integrated IXPE impact sound insulation, the SPC planks can be laid with a floating method without any additional underlay needed.

Current SPC flooring has a wear layer of 0.55mm and is classified in usage class 33/42 and is therefore also suitable for heavy commercial use. Thanks to the PUR-coated surface, the SPC floor is easy to clean and resistant to dirt and moisture.

The SPC Traffic Click floor is also very well suited for use on hot water underfloor heating.

SPC vinyl floors feel unlike ceramic tiles etc. under the feet warm.

The SPC flooring is water-resistant and has a strong wear resistant surface. The SPC tiles are perfect as well for use in hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms.

The SPC flooring is 100% phthalate-free and 100% recyclable.

The edges of the SPC planks have a micro-bevel to particularly emphasize the plank character.

With fire behavior Bfl S1 and slip resistance level R 10, the SPC covering can also be used for the escape routes.

The 5-layer structure ensures very high dimensional stability.


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