Parquet Oak Rustical 1-strip beveled brushed oiled 148mm

131.96 /pkg

54.8€ 39.99€ /m2

Parquet Oak Rustical 1-strip beveled brushed oiled.

10mm thick parquet that is easy to install in the same plane as ceramic tiles.

Product code: SEI50

2 sides beveled.

Surface finish: oiled

Measurements: 148×1860 mm

Thickness: 10 mm

Top layer: 2,5mm

Package: 3,3 m²

max. 2 board layer per pack can be short lengths.

Number of plank layers in package: 12

Locking method: Uniclick

Installation: floating or glued on the floor



Oak 3-layer floorboards have beautiful, brushed surface which brings out the wood’s veins and beauty. The result is very wear-resistant surface that is a pleasure to walk on, especially with bare feet.

The construction of the Oak plank floor consists of 3 layers with a 2,5mm strong Oak top layer. Oak plank floor is well suited for underfloor heating with max. surface temperature 29°C.

The Oak parquet floor can be installed floating with click connection or by gluing on top of the underfloor.

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