Parquet Oak Car 4 sides beveled, brushed, matt lacquered

106.86 /pkg

70.53€ 52.9€ /m2

Parquet Oak Car 4 sides beveled, brushed, matt lacquered

Product code: PATACAR10

Surface finish: super matt lacquered 4%

Measurements: 230x2200mm

Thickness: 12mm

Top layer: 0.6mm 

Base layer is 2mm integrated pressed cork underlay, the product does not require additional parquet underlay. In the case of a concrete subfloor and if parquet will be installed by floating installation method is needed to install prior the installation parquet PE film for moisture protection.

Package: 2,02m²

Number of planks per package: 4

Weight of package 18,49kg

Usage class: 31 brushed finished / 32 smooth finished

Warranty period: In home use, 15 years usage class 31 (brushed finished) and 20 years class 32 (smooth finished) in accordance with the manufacturer's warranty conditions.

Locking method: Unifit X click

Installation: floating or glued on the floor


High impact and scratch resistance. The 0,6 mm thick natural wood veneer, pressed on a high-density fiber board (HDF), ensures superior impact resistance compared to the traditional wood flooring. The HDF middle layer just below the wear/top layer is many times stronger/tense than the natural softwood middle layer which is used on most parquet floors as middle layer. This makes the floor remarkably (3-4 times more) resistant to the impact of heavy objects, for example stiletto heels.


The eight-layer extra strong BONA varnish parquet finish ensures extra protection against surface scratches and daily wear and tear. All the brushed surfaces have a commercial public usage class 31 and closed pore parquet finishes have public area usage class 32 which means medium heavy commercial usage. As addition is possible to order extra strong surface finish with extra heavy commercial usage class 33.


A waterproof surface combined with waxed click connection system, which protects the bevels / click connection from the moisture, gives the floor a 12-hour waterproof resistance. WSF waxing makes your floor resistant to daily spills and drops.


It’s a floor for healthier indoor air quality. The floors are only produced without volatile organic compounds and solvent free finish, adhesives. All floors have a A+ quality label


Easy installation thanks to UNIFIT X. Thanks to the patented UNIFIT X technology, we offer a product that allows easy installation within the reach of anyone. Install your floor in a simple way, thanks to the superior click system.


Quiet and strong. The integrated 2 mm pressed cork underlay is a plus that provides unbeatable acoustic performance. Greater comfort, pressure resistance of heavy objects placed on top of the floor (furniture etc.) and remarkably faster and easier installation.

Mix & Match- It is possible to combine different width and lengths boards. An aesthetic and different solution to bring a unique style to your home by mixing 2 or 3 floorboard widths on your floor fast and easy.


Suitable for underfloor heating- current parquet floors transmit heat with low heat resistance 0,1m² K/W and are therefore one of the best parquet solutions for heated floors on the market.  Current floor with low heat resistance delivers the heat from underfloor heating fast tolerating up to a maximum surface temperature of 27 ℃.


Optimization of resources. The top layer of wood and the rest of middle and bottom materials come from sustainably managed forests. On the top layer are used five times less wood compared to a traditional parquet floor with 3 mm top layer. This makes it possible to offer a product of equal quality and even much better characteristics at a much better price.

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