Linoleum Colorette Acoustic Plus 19 dB 0059 Stone Grey

44.99 /m2

Linoleum Colorette Acoustic Plus 19 dB 0059 Stone Grey

Product format : Rolls

Size : 2m wide rolls

Total thickness: 4mm

Backing: Foam

Thickness of foam backing 1,5mm

Weight: 3500g/m2

European classification: class 23 / 33 / 41

Slip resistance: R9

Impact sound insulation 19 dB

Fire rating Cfl-s1*



Linoleum acoustic solution with 1,5mm recycled foam underlayer.

Linoleum surfacing is made of 98% natural (bio based and mineral) and 76% rapidly renewable materials, with up to 40% recycled content.

Exclusive Neocare™ surface treatment: best in class micro scratch and stain resistance, easy maintenance, no emissions.

Hygienic properties: antibacterial activity (EN ISO 22196) and antiviral activity (ISO 21702).


It is a roll material. Rolls are cut lengthwise only, narrower rolls are not cut. This means that if the width of the roll is 2m, it is possible to order only 2m width x length. For example, 2 x 10m = 20m2. The minimum order is 20m2.

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