Creatuft Sheba 1048 french grey

65.58 /m2

Woolen carpet Creatuft Sheba 1048 french grey


Wool carpet does not contain harmful substances. Wool is a natural material, the use of which is environmentally friendly, and the carpets produced from it are soft and easy to care for. Since the wool fibers are elastic, the wool carpets are long-lasting and do not easily form tracks. These carpets are warm underfoot, reduce footstep noise well and help to balance the humidity level in the room. In addition, wool carpets are also slip-resistant and antistatic.  The best carpet for home use is a wool carpet!



Manufacturing process- tufted, 1/10" cut pile, 2-plied yarn, chemset, piece dyed

Pile composition- 100% pure new wool

Width 4m / 5m

Primary backing 100% PP

Secondary backing Actionbac

Pile height 6 mm

Total height 8 mm

Tuft density 195000/m²

Pile weight 1200 g/m²

Total weight 2100g/m²

Resistance of heat conduction 0.11 m² K/W Tog rating 1,1

Suitability 23 / 33 domestic and contract heavy duty, suitable for stairs only when an underlay is used

Sound absorption 20dB (theoretical)

Fire resistance Cfl-s1


It is a roll material. Rolls are cut lengthwise only, narrower rolls are not cut. This means that if the width of the roll is 4 m, it is possible to order only 4 m width x length. For example, 4 x 5m = 20m2.

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