Natural carpets – wool carpet and goat wool carpet.

The advantages of natural wool carpets.

Wool carpets are made from a natural and renewable material (wool, goat wool).

Wool is a natural material whose use is environmentally friendly, and the carpet produced from it is soft and easy to maintain.

A wool carpet reduces the amount of airborne dust in the room.

Wool carpet does not contain harmful substances.

As wool fibers are elastic, wool carpets are durable and do not easily create walkways.

Carpets made of wool have excellent colorfastness.

Wool carpets are warm underfoot, reduce footstep noise well, and help to balance the humidity level in the room.

In addition, wool carpets are slip-resistant and antistatic.

Cashmere goat wool Tretford carpets are particularly durable and suitable for both home use and public spaces.

As goat wool carpets do not fray, they can be cut into any shapes. Thanks to the stronger fiber and the fats inherent in goat wool, the carpets are dirt-repellent and therefore easy to maintain.

Goat wool carpets withstand office chair wheels well and are also suitable for installation on stairs. The color selection is large, including both bright and pastel shades.

Easy to install either by carpet tape or by gluing to the subfloor.



Additional useful information:

It is also possible to order cut-pile carpets from the factory with different solid edgings.

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